UK Health Minister Cites Film “Contagion” As Inspiration To Corona Pandemic Response

whoUK Health Minister of Parliament, Matt Hancock appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain citing the film Contagion as one of his inspirations for his response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

For some strange reason, he appears to find this funny. Watch the video to see for yourself. Why am I posting about it here on a blog about creativity?

Well, this exchange made me think along these lines: Contagion = film. Film = creative industry. Government looks to the said creative industry to solve its problems, right?

It sure seems like it doesn’t it. But what support has the Government given to those in the creative industries? Who are unable to work and not allowed to claim from the state? Most of my creative friends ,who through no fault of their own, find themselves in this situation, they have had to take on other “gig economy” jobs or tried to find a way to move online in order to key a roof over their head and in other cases feed their family.

Susanna Reid doesn’t look impressed as MP laughs off his methods. ©ITV /GMB / Youtube.

Does that mean they have to wait for the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak to have a “Netflix ‘n’ Chill” session with his mate “Matt” to watch Contagion to find a solution? Or maybe he might want to watch Outbreak at Jiggy & Lolli’s #CovidCinema.

Do you think Mr Hancock believes he’s a Television presenter or a comedian? Who knows.

As much as I go by the mantra “If you don’t laugh you will cry”, I think some of these Government ministers need to take things a bit more seriously.

Where would you get your inspiration from? What do you think?

Let us know what films you use to get you through serious moments.

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Step Fwd: Buju Banton Interview on Dancehall 360

Buju Banton talks candidly about music, culture and politics with Robbo Ranx on Dancehall 360

For some artists, it is about following a trend and copying others who set those trends, but at some point we break out and find ourselves. That point can be liberating for many and is often the point we realise the key was to stay true to ourselves. People follow the things they hate, as much as what they love, and the debate which it creates is in itself “art”.

In this exclusive interview with Robbo Rankx, Dancehall legend, Buju Banton (a.k.a. Gargamel) tells his story about his artistic career. From his break at the age of 19 right up until today. He talks about everything from his humble beginnings right up, to giving back to the community. Banton also acknowledges Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones as great performers with inspirational energy.

Buju also speaks to Robbo about his time in the UK, visiting Birmingham and Skyline records in London’s Shepard Bush.

Today Banton is working on his project, Gargamel Inc, and has many other Buju Albums in the pipline.

Reggae is the Kings music which derives from the word Regina* – Buju Banton

*Regina means Queen the male equivelant being Regis/Rex (see

For me this interview shows a very different side from the Buju Banton most known for the controversial Boom Bye Bye.

Listen back to Robbo’s inspirational chat on Dan with Gargamel below.

DANCEHALL 360 SHOW – (29/10/15) ROBBO RANX by Robbo Ranx on Mixcloud

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5 Creative Design & Marketing Elements of the UK General Election 2015

Did you think about the design and how much marketing went into persuading us to vote for a particular party?

Like me did you think how much did it cost to make that big old slab Ed Millibank was carrying around?

Ever wondered how much all this costs and where do these parties get the money from?

Well We take a look at some of the designs and marketing ploys used by today’s politicians to woo us, as well as elements broadcasters have used in the run up to May 7th 2015.



1. Battle Buses

Buses of all shapes and sizes from all colours of the political spectrum have be covered from top to bottom with large print vinyl and vehicle wraps. Even LBC Radio took to the road in their mobile broadcasting hub.

The Liberal Democrat battle bus (Photo: AFP)
Labour Women Battle Buss
Labour Women Battle Buss © Chris Radburn/PA

2. Stone Mmasonry – Ed’s Tablet/Tombstone


3. Good Old Billboards

This year there seems to be a cut back on good honest poster design! To me the I’ve seen better Photoshop skills on Instagram and Twitter. Or maybe that’s just it… they want to make them look amateurish to appeal to the likes of us! Who knows?!

The original Tory election poster featuring Alex Salmond and Ed Miliband (Conservative Party/PA)

The original Tory election poster featuring Alex Salmond and Ed Miliband (Conservative Party/PA)
A UKIP billboard parked up next to Home Park stadium over the May bank holiday weekend
Official UKIP Poster

4. Leafleting (aka Junk Mailing)

Thousands of Great British pounds must have been spent on designers and printers!

Election Junk Mail

5. Election in Music 

ITV News interestingly chose Kanye West’s Power for it’s trailer music, hinting towards a hung parliment or coalition??

The General Election 2015 Campaign on ITV from Alex Dickinson on Vimeo.

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