whoUK Health Minister of Parliament, Matt Hancock appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain citing the film Contagion as one of his inspirations for his response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Matt Hancock says the film Contagion was ‘not his only’ source of advice on the issue of vaccines.

He says based on the epidemiological advice he was focused on ensuring the UK production of the vaccine protected the UK first.

Watch GMB👉https://t.co/6iQ6ebeOEQ pic.twitter.com/NYUaenJpxe

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) February 3, 2021

For some strange reason, he appears to find this funny. Watch the video to see for yourself. Why am I posting about it here on a blog about creativity?

Well, this exchange made me think along these lines: Contagion = film. Film = creative industry. Government looks to the said creative industry to solve its problems, right?

It sure seems like it doesn’t it. But what support has the Government…