All my Love (Remix) Typography Video Released

The Major has done it again! All my Love (Remix) featuring Ariana Grande and Machel Montono has been released with yet another lyric video from Major Lazer’s Peace is the Mission Album.

They call them “Official Lyric Videos”, but we know them as kinetic type or motion graphics.


Again the video has that identity that makes you know it’s a Major Lazer piece, with its flat Manga/ Comic book style graphics and iconic typeface.

I personally love how during the slower parts of the song, the visuals are dark and dimly lit. As the track erupts into the chorus it is complimented by a blast colour, fireworks and crowds cheering. It creates a feeling of joy and peace and the feeling to just get up and dance!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

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Step Fwd: Buju Banton Interview on Dancehall 360

Buju Banton talks candidly about music, culture and politics with Robbo Ranx on Dancehall 360

For some artists, it is about following a trend and copying others who set those trends, but at some point we break out and find ourselves. That point can be liberating for many and is often the point we realise the key was to stay true to ourselves. People follow the things they hate, as much as what they love, and the debate which it creates is in itself “art”.

In this exclusive interview with Robbo Rankx, Dancehall legend, Buju Banton (a.k.a. Gargamel) tells his story about his artistic career. From his break at the age of 19 right up until today. He talks about everything from his humble beginnings right up, to giving back to the community. Banton also acknowledges Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones as great performers with inspirational energy.

Buju also speaks to Robbo about his time in the UK, visiting Birmingham and Skyline records in London’s Shepard Bush.

Today Banton is working on his project, Gargamel Inc, and has many other Buju Albums in the pipline.

Reggae is the Kings music which derives from the word Regina* – Buju Banton

*Regina means Queen the male equivelant being Regis/Rex (see

For me this interview shows a very different side from the Buju Banton most known for the controversial Boom Bye Bye.

Listen back to Robbo’s inspirational chat on Dan with Gargamel below.

DANCEHALL 360 SHOW – (29/10/15) ROBBO RANX by Robbo Ranx on Mixcloud

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