Red and Green at Christmas

Have you ever wondered why Red and Green are commonly used to represent Christmas? Well there are many reasons which go way back into the sands of time. Most the colours and their meanings come from the western/northern European traditions and customs, when Christmas is in the middle of winter and it’s dark and cold. Here are a few with reasons with some of our own Christmas themed snaps.

Ever wondered why Red and Green are commonly used to represent Christmas? Photo: @craigjiggy #christmasphotography #christmas #bloggers #blog #colour #berries #evergreen

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Green is though to represent the sign of…

Cheese And Whine A-Line Dress | Redbubble | Jiggy Creationz

Following our recent post on 5 A-Line Dresses selected by #TeamJiggy Roller Girls @r0lljiggy, I decided to make my Cheese and Whine Party illustration available as an A-Line Dress.

Ain’t no Party like a Cheese and Whine Party!

It’s approaching a year since the Cheese and Whine Party illustration was inspired by a silly chat over a glass of wine, with the girls from the Camberwell Community Choir. As with most of my drawings, this idea spawned from a mashup of images based word play. A cheese and wine party with the added bonus of a good old R&B Slow Jam dance off!

What’s all this Cheese and Whine About then?

The spirit behind the Cheese and Whine Party illustration is based on a meeting of two cultures where society expects us not mix. In a world where certain types aren’t allowed in certain places and people are treated differently because of what they look like, Cheese and…

I’ve always looked more towards the mascots more than the logo designs when it comes to global sport tournaments. So with the opening of Euro 2016, I looked into what mascot design had been put to the table for this years French hosts. And here is what our fellow designers came up with, Super Victor!!! Yay!!!

But I couldn’t help but think about the glory days of the mascot (in my mind)…  So   With the start of Euro 2016 in France I thought it would be the perfect time to look back at some of my most memorable football championship mascots over the past few years. So here we you go…

1. Footix (World Cup – France 98 Mascot)

Footix, a rooster, was created by graphic designer Fabrice Pialot in 1996 and selected from a shortlist of five mascots.

2. Ciao (World Cup – Italia ’90 Mascot)

Now this one sticks in my mind because of channel 4’s opening titles during their coverage…

Top Major Lazer Kinetic Typography Motion Graphics

Do you may remember way back in 2010 when I created Urban Maestro’s kinetic typo for Adidas Kreps? Well that was my first outing into the world of Kinetic Typography and my first full length animated music video!

Creating it took about 4 weeks (including crashes during rendering!), so whenever I hear another epic piece of work from one of my favourite “electronic music groups”, Major Lazer, I can’t wait to see their “official lyric video” offering for said tune.

So with their up and coming Tour, and our love for kinetic typo motion graphics, I have put together this playlist of our Top Major Lazer animated vids.


For as long as I can remember I have always loved flags! I used to spend hours looking at my giant atlas of the world with the flags in the back. What the do the colours mean? These thoughts also come into many aspects of design. Be it logos or architecture, these things in some way represent us and attempt to illustrate what we stand for. Watch Roman Mars’ TED talk on his flag obsession.