Skate Of Mind Live Debut at Theatre Peckham

Skate Of Mind Live Debut at Theatre Peckham

After almost a year of delays due to the pandemic, we actually managed to run our Skate of Mind Live event at Theatre Peckham!

As we were just coming out of lockdown we decided to scale back our ideas for the original event and take this an opportunity to run it as a test event with limited capacity.

To my surprise, it sold out within a few days of the tickets going on sale (no pressure then!).

This is a testament to the need and demand for indoor spaces in the run-up to autumn and winter at least.

Thank You

A massive thank you to the team and all who came down and created such a good vibe. You left a really good impression, which means we will be back for another live meet with Theatre Peckham soon.


What is Skate of Mind Live?

Skate of Mind Live is the idea of creating an event that focuses on the creative and mental wellbeing aspects of Roller Sports.

As part of Roll Jiggy, we have championed #CreativePeopleonWheels for some years now, and whilst on that journey, we noticed a link between self-expression, the creative arts, and mental health benefits.

In order to bring these communities together, we needed to create a good old meetup.

During a chance meeting with Suzann McLean, CEO of Theatre Peckham who saw me on my skates, we discussed the idea of creating such an event. After exploring ideas and logic, Suzann and the team were ready for what we branded as “Skate of Mind Live”…

…then COVID-19 shut down the world.

Swiftly everything across the globe changed. The arts and hospitality sectors were closed leaving what was to be our first live event, no way of running. But as creative people, we did what we do best… try to solve problems by using what we have at hand to create new ways of doing things. The global community moved online. Zoom was no longer the definition of something moving fast at breakneck speed and had become a way of people finding ways to stay in touch.

Skate of Mind Live moved online to become the Skate Of Mind Pod(cast)! The curse of Covid had become a blessing because although our event was put on the shelf indefinitely, we were able to reach a wider geographical skate community with our #ToeStopShow on Instagram @skateofmindpod and Podcast Episodes.

Now things are opening up again and we’re learning to live with the virus, we’re looking forward to collaborating on more projects at Theatre Peckham in the near future.

I want to come!

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