Watch The Rugged “Dutch BBboys Special”

Watch the Dutch break dancing dance troop, The Rugged, perform in this well choreographed, mini flash-mob style video.

The Ruggeds “Dutch Bboys Special” | YAK FILMSMusic “Fishnet” By Diversa

The Ruggeds in Eindhoven, Holland:© YAK FILMS 2015

Posted by YAK Films on Thursday, 16 April 2015

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6 year old break dance

Unbelievable 6 yr old girl Break Dancing

Dance is one of my favourite forms of art. It brings together other art forms such as music, lighting, design, photography and video. But on it’s own it’s freedom of expression.

Watch this 6 years young girl creates some amazing body formations during her dance battle!

Don’t sweat the technique. Unbelievable 6 yr old girl Break Dancing.Follow — ADDIKTION for more.

Posted by ADDIKTION on Wednesday, 11 March 2015

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