Video Call Out

I’m working on project which focuses on how skating the effects of Mental health and wellbeing and would like you to be featured .

I’m looking for skaters to would be willing to share their story to be played on as part of an event which aims to introduce skating and wheelchair dance to families, children and adults who want to try, but have a fear of falling or that “they can’t do it”. So I would really appreciate your help.

The final video may be used as promotional material on social media, to hopefully bring the project to your part of the world (when things return to normal).

If you would like to help and take part*, please record your video in landscape / horizontal format as a minimum 1080p video.

In the video please introduce yourself with your name / social media name is fine and tell your story from these angles:

  • How long you have been skating?
  • Do you remember, your first skate experience?
  • What are yourbskate disciplines (derby, dance, ramps, etc)?
  • What fears did you have when you first started skating?
  • How does skating make you feel?
  • What challenges has skating helped you overcome?
  • What positive impact has skating created for you off skates?

Please try record between 3 to 10mins. If your really shy, you can always write or draw your story. However you chose to share email it via to

Submission should be sent by 1st May 2020.

Sending your story will mean you agree to it being used and shared as part of the lifetime of this and other Roll Jiggy / Jiggy Creationz projects in order to create other opportunities and projects of a similar nature.

Finally this is not a paid opportunity and any funding generated from the project will be reinvested. However every participant will be rewarded. How is yet to be decided, but will be dependent on the reponse of this call out.

I look forward to your love, support and help in bringing this to life. Thank you in advance .

Craig Jiggy