RedBubble A-Line Dreesses - Creative Jam - Jiggy Creationz

5 A-Line Dress selected by #TeamJiggy Roller Girls

We love Redbubble and to celebrate summer (and before we design our own), we asked our #TeamJiggy Roller Girls to pick 5 of their favourite artist designs which have been applied to A-Line dresses!

Your body needs art - RedBubble

1. Impossible Shapes: Hexagon

A-Line Dress Impossible Shapes: Hexagon by Jeff Merrick on Redbubble
Impossible Shapes: Hexagon by Jeff Merrick on Redbubble
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This design called “Impossible Shapes: Hexagon” by Jeff Merrik came top of the pack when the girls saw this design!

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6 Memorable Football Championship Mascots

I’ve always looked more towards the mascots more than the logo designs when it comes to global sport tournaments. So with the opening of Euro 2016, I looked into what mascot design had been put to the table for this years French hosts. And here is what our fellow designers came up with, Super Victor!!! Yay!!!

Super Victor Euro 2016
Super Victor Euro 2016

But I couldn’t help but think about the glory days of the mascot (in my mind)…  So   With the start of Euro 2016 in France I thought it would be the perfect time to look back at some of my most memorable football championship mascots over the past few years. So here we you go…

1. Footix (World Cup – France 98 Mascot)

Football Mascots - Footix - France 98
Footix – France 98

Footix, a rooster, was created by graphic designer Fabrice Pialot in 1996 and selected from a shortlist of five mascots.

2. Ciao (World Cup – Italia ’90 Mascot)

Football Mascots - Ciao, Italia 90
Ciao, Italia 90

Now this one sticks in my mind because of channel 4’s opening titles during their coverage of Italian football. Simple yet to the point. Cubes in the Italian tricolor with a football for a head. What more could you ask for!

3. Pique (World Cup – Mexico 86 Mascot)

Football Mascots - Pique Mexico 86
Pique Mexico 86

Now the reason why Pique from World Cup 1986 was because he came in a kinda suprise!! I’m not sure but i think he was a Chilli pepper!

4. Goaliath (Euro 96 Mascot)

Football Mascots - Goaliath, Euro 96
Goaliath -Euro 96

GOALiath was the official mascot of Euro 1996 in England, once again using an iconic lion as the character. Cleaver name with GOAL in it… but as usual with England they never came!

5. Stryker (World Cup – USA ’94 Mascot)

Football Mascots - Stryker - World Cup USA 94
Stryker – World Cup USA 94

Donning the Red, White and Blue from the Stars and Stripes, Styker was the mascot for the FIFA World Cup ’94.

6. Pinocchio (Euro 80 / European Championship 1980 Mascot)

Football Mascots - Pinocchio 1980
Pinocchio 1980

Pinocchio was actually the first Euro Championship way back (before I was born) in 1980, and if you haven’t guessed, the tournament was in Italy.


So what your favourite or most memorable Mascot? Feel free to comment below!

For more like this take a look FIFA World Cup Mascots on Wikipedia

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Steet Girl Book Launch -- Creative Jam by Jiggy Creationz |

Street Girl: Book Launch

I often get invited to creative events from book launches to art private views, and have often left with a slight feeling of “Hmmmm”. I don’t really like to do to much research into them prior to the event as I like to go in without prejudice and leave being pleasantly surprised. And the Street Girl book launch did exactly that.

Rose and myself were invited down to Brixton’s Upstairs at the Ritz performance space, to support our girl Elisha (Venus Vs Mars), who announced she will appearing in the stage version of the book.

The Struggle, The Book, The Play

The event was hosted by Nequela Whittaker the creator and inspiration for the story. Nequela gave us a compassionate welcome and emotional insight into the real life struggle which lead to the creation to the book, the play and her work with the often neglected communities across South London.

Street Girl is a gripping biographical account of a young black girl from South London, raised by a single mother and older sibling, this young girl unfortunately becomes a product of her environment.

Street Girl, Directed by Donna During, is a raw adaptation of the girl gang culture that society seems to turn a blind eye to. We aim for her story to be heard offering a lifeline to young girls and boys, or vulnerable youths who are living a similar lifestyle; or are thinking about entering such a world, to hear a first-hand, credible narrative about the street and ultimately getting them to make the right decision.

‘She’s a terror she creates havoc everywhere she goes’

Mouthie, the main character,  experiences Sex, violence, and drugs all in the mix as she embarks down the root to become a young offender.


Street Girl Rudely Interrupts

During the speech, a phone went off and girl started screaming at the top of her voice right next to us. As I looked in disgust, the girl dressed in a school uniform charged to the front of the stage, only to be met by two other ‘Street Girl’ types! Our vexation quickly turn to tears of joy as we noticed Elisha WAS one of girls now on stage. We  had been treated to an except from the up and coming stage production!!

Yep I’m there! Book me a Ticket  – Rollah Rose


Not only were we blessed by this flash mob style entrance, we heard new music from Alicai harley and poetry from Emanuel.

See The Show


Show dates for Street Girl with our Elisha  are Friday 27 & Saturday 28 May, 7.30pm with a FREE matinee on Friday 27th.

Tickets are available now from the Albany Theatre.


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All my Love (Remix) Typography Video Released

The Major has done it again! All my Love (Remix) featuring Ariana Grande and Machel Montono has been released with yet another lyric video from Major Lazer’s Peace is the Mission Album.

They call them “Official Lyric Videos”, but we know them as kinetic type or motion graphics.


Again the video has that identity that makes you know it’s a Major Lazer piece, with its flat Manga/ Comic book style graphics and iconic typeface.

I personally love how during the slower parts of the song, the visuals are dark and dimly lit. As the track erupts into the chorus it is complimented by a blast colour, fireworks and crowds cheering. It creates a feeling of joy and peace and the feeling to just get up and dance!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

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Step Fwd: Buju Banton Interview on Dancehall 360

Buju Banton talks candidly about music, culture and politics with Robbo Ranx on Dancehall 360

For some artists, it is about following a trend and copying others who set those trends, but at some point we break out and find ourselves. That point can be liberating for many and is often the point we realise the key was to stay true to ourselves. People follow the things they hate, as much as what they love, and the debate which it creates is in itself “art”.

In this exclusive interview with Robbo Rankx, Dancehall legend, Buju Banton (a.k.a. Gargamel) tells his story about his artistic career. From his break at the age of 19 right up until today. He talks about everything from his humble beginnings right up, to giving back to the community. Banton also acknowledges Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones as great performers with inspirational energy.

Buju also speaks to Robbo about his time in the UK, visiting Birmingham and Skyline records in London’s Shepard Bush.

Today Banton is working on his project, Gargamel Inc, and has many other Buju Albums in the pipline.

Reggae is the Kings music which derives from the word Regina* – Buju Banton

*Regina means Queen the male equivelant being Regis/Rex (see

For me this interview shows a very different side from the Buju Banton most known for the controversial Boom Bye Bye.

Listen back to Robbo’s inspirational chat on Dan with Gargamel below.

DANCEHALL 360 SHOW – (29/10/15) ROBBO RANX by Robbo Ranx on Mixcloud

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Why you’re seeing a face in this purse – Pareidolia

Have you ever looked at the moon and noticed a face? Or even thought the front of a car looks like it’s smiling at you? Well that’s the science of Pareidolia (par-i-DOH-lee-a)

Can you see the face in the bag - pareidolia - Image source ( explains why people see faces within random patterns.

Source: Why you’re seeing a face in this purse

According to vox, Pareidolia is Greek from beyond the image. It is caused by the brain trying to make sense of pattern. Even Leonardo Da Vinci made reference to this phenomenon in his notes.

“If you look at any walls spotted with various stains or with a mixture of different kinds of stones, if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys, and various groups of hills. You will also be able to see divers combats and figures in quick movement, and strange expressions of faces, and outlandish costumes, and an infinite number of things which you can then reduce into separate and well conceived forms” – Da Vinci

Sometimes you don’t see them unless someone else points it out to you and then, as if by magic, you are hit by the revelation (or some just don’t s get it)!

Pareidolia however is not exclusively about seeing faces. It’s also when we see other patterns and shapes which form letters or other things we are visually familiar with.

Here are a few of our favourite examples. 


#iseefaces #iseefaceseverywhere #iseefacesinplaces @iseefacesinthestrangestplaces

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😫 Good Morning #igers! Yawn, stretch and get Jiggy!! What will you create today? @iseefacesinthestrangestplaces

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Find out more:


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Summer Fate BTS ©Emmerdale / ITV Studios

Emmerdale’s Summer Fate – Behind the scenes

It’s time for another epic soap land disaster, and this time is over at Emmerdale.

So take a look behind the scenes of the creative little promo trailer. I personally love the contrast and use of black juxtaposed with the happiness and light portrait by the some of the characters, not forgetting play on words in #SummerFate.

Nice one Emmerdale!

Head over to to watch the behind the scene vid for the trailer.

#SummerFateThe choices we make are the paths we take. Who will meet their #SummerFate? Watch #Emmerdale from 7pm all this week (3 – 7 Aug) to find out…

Posted by Emmerdale on Monday, 3 August 2015


The choices we make are the paths we take. Go behind the scenes of the mysterious promo to learn more on what’s to come…#SummerFate

Source: Summer Fate – Behind the scenes

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